Pencil Drawing of iconic Fallen Soldier Memorial by CSM (Ret) James ‘Jim’ Craigo


Sold By: Jim Craigo



 “OUR FALLEN” pencil drawing printed on premium 11” x 14” archival paper.

The pencil drawing depicts the iconic Fallen Soldier Memorial (helmet, boots, rifle, and dog tag) in fine detail from the laces on the boots to the chain on the dog tag to the buckles on the helmet.

Along the bottom of the print, Operation’s *OEF and *OIF are listed along with the yearly number of service members lost during that period.  The timeline along the bottom **attempts to capture all our fallen from the first 12 service members lost in 2001 to the last thirteen in 2021.  Needless to say, this drawing is dedicated to all our fallen.

About the artist: CSM James Craigo (Ret) is a Special Forces combat veteran who served for over 30 years with deployments around the world to include tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq.

*OEF and OIF refer to all the operations from 2001-2021 in each region regardless of the operational name changes that occurred over time.

** “attempts to capture” refers to the latest numbers available via DOD resources noting that different resources quote slightly different numbers.

$49.95including S&H